Sawka Light Hand®

Gentle, clear, effective.

The history of horse riding is made up of millions of mouthpieces used to painfully enslave horses. It's time to change that. Sawka Light Hand®  is a reins aid that works for the sensitive mouth of the horse. It reduces the communication noise sent by a human, thanks to which the signals are more clear and gentle.
What benefits

The horse's mouth is sensitive to even the smallest signals

For centuries, conscious riders have been striving for a precise and gentle hand. Unfortunately, the work of hands is always burdened with errors that disrupt communication between humans and animals. It is especially visible in jumping and in moments of fight for time and speed (e.g. during competitions).

Rein aid makes following the horse's movement easier

Sawka Light Hand® has been developed to eliminate accidental signals that interfere with communication and lead to pain in the horse's sensitive mouth. Thanks to this device, the signals reaching the horse are more delicate, precise and clear.

How it works

Reduces noise

Sawka Light Hand® acts as a camera stabilizer to reduce disturbing hand shake.
It gives horses a chance to understand what is required of them. Metaphorically speaking, it is a translator that allows horses to understand the essence of our message.

By announcing the action of the bit, it enables learning to react to subtle signals

The innovative effect of this device is that the lighter contact with the bit announces a stronger one. This gives the animal and rider time to react and the chance to respond to increasingly subtle signals.

Noise reduction
of hand shake

Light contact

Light contact (announcement)

Strong contact
(full power)

How does the device work?

The spring in the middle of the sleeve stretches in the range of 0-3 cm. Providing a safety margin it eliminates unintended moves. It also leaves space for the horse to move his head or neck to find a comfortable position, reducing stiffness.

For whom

Versatile use

The device is used in all equestrian disciplines and in recreation. You can use it during the competition. It serves both professional riders and amateurs. It is an excellent training tool. It is suitable for both young and experienced horse owners.

horse riding schools

Sawka Light Hand® is a great help for children who can learn proper contact without harming the horse. It teaches inexperienced riders the correct tension on the reins. The rider feels in his hands as the device stretches. This way, he knows if his hand is following the horse's movement or is acting too hard.
For which horses

For young horses

It is a great device for young horses that are just learning how to take the bit and who find it uncomfortable to stay in a fixed position for a long time. The shock absorber teaches trust in the rider's hand and leaves the animal a margin of freedom, making it easier to find a position that is comfortable for them.

For older, trained horses

Hypersensitive horses and those that have already acquired some defensive behaviour (e.g. they hang on the hand or curl behind the contact), thanks to the shock absorption, after a few trainings, they rebuild trust in the rider's hand. They chew the bit more often and relax faster.

For school horses

Nobody wants to cause the horse any discomfort or pain. Unfortunately, at the beginning of learning, it is difficult to avoid it. Sawka Light Hand® cares for the mouth of a horse ridden by untrained riders, absorbing unintentional jerks and an unstable hand.
what others say

Spoga like Oscar

In 2019, at the world's largest equestrian industry fair in Cologne, Sawka Light Hand® was nominated for Product of the Year in the Innovation category. This is the industry equivalent of a film Oscar nomination.
Vet.Dr. Krzysztof Skorupski
Vet.Dr. Krzysztof Skorupskiauthor of "Psychology of Horse Training"; specialist in the field of training psychology and horse riding trainer
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The equestrian industry produces thousands of mouthpieces, the so-called patents to tame horses. But Sawka Light Hand is the first solution designed for the benefit of horses. It makes it easier for the rider to properly interact with the horse, eliminates the impact of random, stressful stimuli and thus improves communication. At the same time, it maintains the possibility of increasing the pressure that allows the horse to switch off arbitrarily manifested, but unwanted by us, reactions. Smooth and synchronized interaction of the rider with the horse has a positive effect on the mental state of the animal. It is expressed by a better concentration on signals and a fuller understanding.
Robert Świątek
Robert Świąteka racing horse trainer, trainer, created the largest stable of obstacles in Poland
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I have been testing Sawka Light Hand for nine months on thoroughbred racing horses. Both for young, newly arrived and old, experienced ones. My conclusions are as follows: young horses accept the bit easier and faster, they do not fight the rider's hand. Even if it is the untrained hand of an inexperienced training rider. What is very important, it is very difficult to pull a horse with this bit. You have to try very hard. On the other hand, older horses, which tend to hang on the bit, give up this point of artificial support after some time and become free, self-supporting in motion. For me, it is a tool that I introduce as a must-have in my stable.
Anna Moryto
Anna MorytoMother of Małgosia, an eight-year-old amazon
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The Sawka Light Hand absorbs the sudden movements and jerks of the reins by the learning child, making the training less traumatic for the horse. Moody by nature, the pony works better, which allows you to calmly and gradually eliminate the young rider's mistakes during training. The shock absorber is a great help in a stable, where several children with varying degrees of advancement in horse riding are riding a pony.
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