Jerzy Sawka,
director of the Wrocław Horse Racing Course - Partynice

I came up with the idea of ​​eliminating untrained hand shakes that were disastrous for horse training in the mid 1980s. I was inspired by Krzysztof Skorupski, with whom I worked as an equestrian recreation instructor. It was he who taught me to respect the horse's mouth. In the nurseries of the Academic Riding Club Wrocław that I run, the students had reins made of sheaf string attached to the bit with an elastic from a bicycle inner tube. 

After more than thirty years, as the director of the Wrocław Horse Racing Course - Partynice, I returned to my old idea. On the windowsill and desk of my office, there are springs, rubber bands, plastic tubes, all kinds of locks, fishing stays and sailing patents to this day.

Until one day it dawned on me: it must be a simple, solid device compatible with the used equestrian equipment. And this is how I got to Franciszek Pera.

Sawka Light Hand is the final effect of my combinations.

Our Mission
Attach Sawka Light Hand® and just drive. When the first carving skis appeared, users tried to force them to turn. Unnecessarily, because they turn themselves. In the course of a few years, carving skis replaced classic skis from the market. Sawka Light Hand's mission® this is the common use to relieve the pain of a horse's mouth.
Our achievements

Spoga like Oscar

In 2019, at the world's largest equestrian industry fair in Cologne, Sawka Light Hand® was nominated for Product of the Year in the Innovation category. This is the industry equivalent of a film Oscar nomination.


Sawka Light Hand® has a patent of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland - application P.425269.


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