Sawka Light Hand

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The device acts as a rein damper.
The spring in the middle of the sleeve stretches in the range of 0-3 cm. Providing a margin of safety, it eliminates unintended signals and leaves the horse a space where she can move his head or neck looking for a comfortable position.
The kit includes two dampers (right and left).

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How to use it?


A small carabiner-sized device is easy to attach to the bit. The Sawka Light Hand® clip must be attached to the bit ring in such a way that the Sawka Light Hand® logo is visible (the clip is facing away from the horse's mouth). On the other end, we attach the reins.

It can be used in training any equestrian discipline.

How to begin?

Just attach the Sawka Light Hand® to the rein and start your ride. Sawka Light Hand® will do the rest, helping your horse find a comfortable position for him.

At the beginning, try to avoid lateral movements. It's best to gradually introduce the horse to the product, starting with riding in straight lines and large circles. You should feel a significant improvement in lightness from the first training session. You can also use the Sawka Light Hand® when working from the ground.

When the horse is feeling well, start training daily as usual, but this time with a new feeling of lightness.

However, we advise you to always check with your trainer about any changes to your training routine.

Side reins

A good method of introducing this device to horses is using side reins.

With the currently used techniques of working on side reins, there is no announce of final barrier. If horse tries to free itself from the inconvenience of the side reins, the animal immediately bounces off the bit. Lunging on side reins teaches the horse to recognize the signals that precede the event. The inclusion of the spring consistently announces the action of the bit. The innovative action of the Sawka Light Hand® makes the lighter contact with the bit announce a stronger one.

Bits that are too thick should be avoided to discourage horses from "hanging" on them.

Working from the saddle

There is a problem when switching from working on side reins to working in the saddle - the human hand is not as consistent as the buckle and constantly introduces disturbances. Therefore, this transition always eliminates the positive effect previously achieved on the side reins.

This is where the Sawka Light Hand® helps, by providing a safety margin and by eliminating unintended signals.

We will soon be releasing a complete training program to help you maximize the potential of the Sawka Light Hand®.

Frequently asked questions

Is the use of Sawka Light Hand a "shortcut"?

The Sawka Light Hand® gives riders and horses new ways to communicate, which doesn't mean it's the easy way. The device shows the rider a goal to pursue and helps the horse rebuild trust in the hand.

Perhaps you and your horse, despite many years of training, still cannot fully get along. Perhaps you are making the same mistakes unknowingly. The hardest thing is to go beyond the beaten path and stop working according to patterns that have been learned long ago. This applies to both horses and riders.

We have heard many times: "this horse does not chew the bit, he is always so stiff, this type is so." Then we attached the Sawka Light Hand® to the bit and something slowly started to change best. This is confirmed by the opinions of users.

With Sawka Light Hand® you will communicate with your horse faster and easier. The use of this device is a means to an end, not an end in itself

What is the difference between the effect of SLH and the effect of an elastic attached to the reins?

As for the logic of action, nothing. But there is an important psychological aspect that makes a big difference. Classic equestrian sport requires a simple rein. Solutions with rubber bands bulge them. Riders subconsciously try to tighten the reins, which eliminates the effect of gentle cushioning. The Sawka Light Hand® abutment is a natural extension of the reins and with its use this problem does not occur. In addition, when the device is fully extended, the resistance is very clear and is signaled by a soft, but audible to the horse, tapping of metal on metal.

Additional advantages of the SLH are solid and aesthetic workmanship, functionality, ease of installation and versatility.

Does Sawka Light Hand® allow a better "contact" with the horse's mouth?

Definitely yes. The device allows you to follow the horse's movement more smoothly, and thus for a better, undisturbed sense of contact.

If the device stretches 3 cm, is it already "too" tight?

The piston inside the device extends in the range of 0-3 cm. The minimum stretching occurs when the loose hand is closed on the reins. Maximum stretch is when the rider clearly withdraws his arm or the horse presses against the bit.

Each horse is different, it is impossible to clearly define what is too light and what is too strong an action without looking at a given case. When working with any horse, remember that the ultimate goal is to be soft and light in movement and in contact.

Pulling out the maximum is a sign that the Sawka Light Hand® goes into the normal reins mode, so to speak. Before horses understand the essence of this friendly device, they will pull the spring to the maximum. They have to do this to know where the comfort limit ends.

How quickly does the horse get used to working with this device?

Most horses notice a significant improvement in the first minutes of the ride. The horse responds automatically to an improvement in the quality of contact, just as it responds immediately to an improvement in the rider's seat or relaxation.

The exception are horses that have lost trust in the rider's hand. This happens when a horse has been misguided for a long time, often in recreational horses. The longer it takes them to rebuild trust. It's just that these horses are stubbornly looking for sensations known to them from their previous life practice.

How much does the device weigh? Can its weight disturb the horse?

Sawka Light Hand weighs about 150 g.

When the reins are tight, it is an extension between the rider's hand and the horse's mouth. When the reins are loose, they hang freely and do not interfere with the horse. The effect of the Sawka Light Hand® depends on the action of the hand. When the rein is loose and the pressure is not applied, the device does not exert any significant pressure on the corners of the horse's mouth.

Will the horse stay in contact longer thanks to Light Hand?

Sawka Light Hand® eliminates vibrations of the reins and accidental movements of the rider's hand. It makes it easier for the horse to stay connected.
Contact problems may originate elsewhere. You have to make sure that the horse does not hurt, that the saddle is fit and the horse accepts the type of bite selected.

What is the durability of the device?

If used as intended, the Sawka Light Hand is very durable. The product is covered by a two-year warranty. Side bends should be avoided as it is not resistant to bending in this plane.

Maintenance - How do I take care of the device?

We recommend greasing the piston every six months. It is a good habit to wash the device in clean water after each use.

Certificates and security

The product is made of harmless materials. Security certificates are available upon request.

Terms of warranty

The manufacturer gives a two-year warranty for the device. The warranty is not granted if the product is used in a manner inconsistent with the instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible for improper use of the Sawka Light Hand®.


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