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Vet.Dr. Krzysztof Skorupski

author of "Psychology of Horse Training"; specialist in the field of training psychology and horse riding trainer

The equestrian industry produces thousands of sprockets, the so-called patents to tame horses. But Sawka Light Hand is the first solution designed for the benefit of horses. It makes it easier for the rider to properly interact with the horse, eliminates the impact of random, stressful stimuli and thus improves communication. At the same time, it maintains the possibility of increasing the pressure that allows the horse to switch off arbitrarily manifested, but unwanted by us, reactions. Smooth and synchronized interaction of the rider with the horse has a positive effect on the mental state of the animal. It is expressed by a better concentration on help and a fuller understanding. The horses so caused calm down, stop rushing, and their stride becomes freer and wider. On the other hand, in situations of violent action of the rider, the mechanism of communication is turned off. Any negative sensations, accidental jerks, too strong signals and other stressful stimuli confuse the horse, increase his uncertainty, develop distrust and cause fear of these stimuli. These situations force defensive reactions, which in many cases are manifested with great force. In such common situations, various types of patents are usually used, which are used to solve problems by force. But the forcible restraining of unfavorable behavior, resulting after all from the rider's earlier inept influence on the horse, only winds up a spiral of misunderstandings. He violates the nature of the horse. Sawka Light Hand, by eliminating human errors, gives the horse time and a chance to correctly read the signals coming from the rider.


Robert Świątek

a racing horse trainer, trainer, created the largest stable of obstacles in Poland

I have been testing Sawka Light Hand for nine months on thoroughbred racing horses. Both for young, newly arrived and old, experienced ones. My conclusions are as follows: young horses accept the bit easier and faster, they do not fight the rider's hand. Even if it is the untrained hand of an inexperienced training rider. What is very important, it is very difficult to pull a horse with this bit. You have to try very hard. On the other hand, older horses, which tend to hang on the bit, give up this point of artificial support after some time and become free, self-supporting in motion. For me, it is a tool that I introduce as a must-have in my stable. 


Marek Szewczyk

Horse rider, equestrian journalist and competition commentator
I am not a professional as a rider, but only an average amateur, but I am aware of my equestrian imperfections. One of them is the hand. Unfortunately, it can be a bit hard on the horse's mouth. This is a consequence of the fact that when I was learning to ride a horse, none of my teachers at the time made me realize that I was in too much contact with the horse's mouth. A few kilos in each hand (and maybe even more), instead of one. The photos taken during jumps show that my hand is often closed, that I give too little reins to the horse.
Professionals may not be interested in this device, but all those who run horse riding schools and recreational rides should be interested in it. It is mainly during recreational rides, during horse riding lessons, that horses' mouths get a great deal of jerks from people. And especially for school and recreational horses, this device can greatly ease their thankless role as teachers of physically fit people (children) who are not yet able to balance themselves in the saddle with their feet and mount, and catch it often hanging on the reins. (...)
Full version of the review on the author's blog www.hipologika.pl

Anna Moryto

Mother of Małgosia, an eight-year-old amazon

The Sawka Light Hand absorbs the sudden movements and jerks of the reins by the learning child, making the training less traumatic for the horse. Moody by nature, the pony works better, which allows you to calmly and gradually eliminate the young rider's mistakes during training. The shock absorber is a great help in a stable, where several children with varying degrees of advancement in horse riding are riding a pony.


Anna Zwolska

Rider, Poland

It was the first time we set up Light Hand for a field trip (according to the recommendations it was supposed to be a lot of straight riding), we had no problems with acceptance, the horse became more relaxed at canter than ever before. In general, I noticed a big improvement in the quality of cooperation between me and my horse at a canter, which could be problematic due to my hand not always cooperating as it should. As a typical recreational rider aware of his shortcomings and limitations, I appreciate the possibility of using a "patent", which helps in communication with the horse, reducing unnecessary pain and discomfort of the animal. I am also pleasantly surprised that despite the softening of the bit in the horse's mouth, I did not feel any less control or any loss of control, especially since the debut took place in the field, and the horse is one of the so-called "Forward". However, when it comes to my feelings, I have the impression that this device perfectly shows the moments when the rider (or exactly his hand) does not match the movement of the horse's head - only now, instead of giving the horse's "teeth", the impact is amortized by Sawka Light Hand. Personally, I do not regret the purchase and recommend it!


Dagmara Sasin

Rider. Owner of a 4-year-old gelding AQH, Poland

I have a 4-year-old AQH, he was ridden and bitless for the first year. The time has come to teach the horse to work with a bit, something that would turn out to be a mere formality would be quite a task. The youngster did not want to hear anything in his mouth, not to mention contact work. Choosing, coming up with a bit that he accepts is only half the way and the easier one. At the moment when he felt contact at hand, his palette of ideas knew no bounds, work in well-being was impossible to achieve.

There was an idea to try SHL, I had nothing to lose.

It was a shot at 10! When the redhead wanted to tear out the SHL bit, it gave him freedom, so I had time for a quick reaction of giving up the hand. As a result, the horse had nothing to struggle with and stopped fighting. Now we are able to work on contact, of course, from time to time he checks if his additional freedom of movement is with him and she is there. Me and the horse are happy with this little gadget, it has become an inseparable part of the bridle.

I recommend SHL to owners of spoiled horses, where the heart keeps saying "it's a little horse, you have to puff on it.


Besides, I like shiny things, the device goes well with the headband.


Katarzyna Ozdowska

Horse riding instructor, owner of two gelding spas and wlkp, Poland

In August, I attached a Sawka Light Hand to the bit for the first time. An inconspicuous piece of metal that I have heard about for some time.

Light Hand is something completely new. According to the author of the patent: it is the first riding aid that works with the horse and for the horse.

It does not exert any pressure on the horse's mouth and does not force any positioning. Everything stays in the rider's hands, only the signals reaching the horse are smoother.

Light Hand largely covers up my mistakes and makes them not burdensome for the horse. At the same time, it gives me a sense of when I should improve and when I start to act too hard, not smoothly or unevenly. It allows me to work on my intuition without straining my horse's patience and without jeopardizing his mouth. He does this before my careless action reaches the horse's mouth and puts him tense.

My horse reacts very positively to it.

I know my hands leave a lot to be desired. My horse has always been impulsive and sensitive and reacts to stimuli faster than I could improve. This had made me feel like I was hurting him.

Sawka Light Hand is an airbag. It gives a safety margin, thanks to which I get off without remorse

I recommend with all my heart to all riders who are aware of their imperfections, the sensitivity of their horses and who are looking for a way to better communication


Agnieszka Bienert

instructor of the Wrocław Horse Racing Track - Partynice, competitor in the show jumping and training horse racing rider

I use the Sawka Light Hand on two horses: from April on the jumping mare Klara and from March on the Victoria Princess thoroughbred racing mare.

Klara is a horse with a very sensitive mouth, which refused to move to the stronger action of the bit, tried to climb or, after stopping, tried to grab the rider by the leg and pull him off the saddle. He approached obstacles with his head turned up, he jumped very stiffly. His movements were very uncoordinated. Working at Light Hand allowed Clara to regain confidence in the hand and the rider. Now the horse works calmly and willingly. In the jump, he started working his neck and improved coordination. The stiffness of the movement disappears, which was terrible especially at a canter.

At the beginning of our work, Victoria Princess galloped with a very short foule. She was a horse with very weak muscles and poor willingness to move. By working on Light Hand, you could 'rock' her neck and make her use her body. The horse was not afraid of the muzzle and was happy to work. Today she gallops very nicely and begins to build muscles.

In my experience, working on Light Hand makes it easier for a rider to persuade a horse to start using his neck, his body. The horse is more likely to stretch, lengthen and lower the neck.


Agnieszka Lewandowska

Rider, Poland

I had the opportunity to test the Sawka Light Hand system. It is an ideal solution for delicate horses as well as for people who are constantly working to have a soft hand. My feelings - thanks to this system there is no option of too tight reins. This system also gives the opportunity to better learn to follow the horse's movements without much discomfort for the horse. In addition, it does not restrict or interfere with the correct handling of the horse as well as in exercises such as traverses, shoulder blades and yielding. Perfect for people who are still learning to communicate properly. I think that the horse will also sign a positive assessment - it certainly feels a positive difference during training :)


Ewa Piętka

horse riding instructor, Poland

I recommend Light Hand to all my students. I started using it a few weeks ago and was skeptical at first. But after a few hours of driving, I can see the effects. The product really helps riders to follow the horse's movement. Its usefulness is exceptional, especially for young and inexperienced riders who do not yet know how to use their hands properly. Absorbs most unwanted strokes and jerks. I can confidently say that this is a good product


Equine Cents & Sensibility

Equine & Canine Product Review Page, Ireland

What I love about light hand, is that is offers to the horse a free way to learn how to carry himself in a balance and correct manner, but his head is not tied down like it would be with other attachments. Riding aids can be a taboo subject, particular when it comes to a horses mouth, so whilst I personally test the likes of draw Reins, or anything that “fixes” a horses head in place, the Sawka Light Hand was a pleasant surprise.

I found it actually reminds me where my hands should be, with the gentle pull action it offers, it's fantastic for heavy handed riders, as it just reminds you, with that gentle flex down the rein to lift your hands up etc.

On the horse, because I was more conscious of having my hands in correct position, I in turn rode better resulting in him carrying himself in a much better outline, so all in all I really like this aid, which is encouraging and beneficial and I think could be extremely good for young horses.

I love the fact kinder and more comfortable riding aids like this are now on the market, it's well overdue! 

Equine Cents & Sensibility – Equine & Canine Product Review Page, Ireland, 26th March 2019


Agnieszka Michalec-Chlebik

Rider, Poland

We have not taken off since March 🙂 Our 8-year-old daughter and her 4-year-old pony praise this innovation very much. Especially on the first jumps 🙂


Tanja Gantz


We and our ponies say thank you…….the mini shock absorber is only recommended!!!


Jess Stallard

owner of Danville House Farm Showjumping, Ireland

I bought one of the light hands at the Dublin horse show. I've been riding one of my 4 year olds horses in it for a week and it is FANTASTIC! She's normally strong, shakes her head and gets tense and leans, but in the light hand she is so calm and relaxed and I can really get my leg on her without tantrum, she's enjoying her work so much more!!

SLH1 27/08/19

Louise Bell

United Kingdom

Right…so I tried light hand today…and once I got used to the feel of it, my mare that can be tricky in the mounth was AWESOME !!! I really love the gadget and I hate gadgets!!! Great for horses with hard mounts but also for a few riders


Kristine Douglas

United Kingdom

Loving the light hand. Been using it on the re-trained racehorse. His canter has improved, just been using it on the lunge but he is finding his canter and going lovely and round.


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